Enjoy Brunswick’s Veterans Parade Nov. 5 from our sidewalk seating

First thing to consider is that parking will be allowed in front of Beans in the Belfry until 12noon and again after 4pm, to let this fun parade pass by right at our front steps.  If you come before 12 noon and plan to stay, best move your vehicle to the Marc Train parking lot or to the gravel lot down Virginia Avenue under the bridge and to the right.  Call us if you have questions  301 834 7178 or Hanna’s cell  202 415 6610.



The Veterans Parade is always the highlight in Brunswick on the first weekend in November.   Starting with a commemorative opening ceremony at 1pm the parade will get started soon after with competitive marching bands, floats touting local businesses, organizations and clubs, and interspersed with funny acts.   What a great time to wave flags and cheer for the Veterans.  Kids love to catch and collect candy thrown from those in the parade.


You can watch the parade from our sidewalk seating or front door.  Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, caramel latte or a pot of tea and some of our scrumptious food while the parade goes by along East and West Potomac Street.