Gluten-free options

Dear Patrons,

 Upon special request, we can serve the following menu items on gluten-free bread, gluten-free bagel or gluten-free English muffins;  we will heat them separately in our convection oven.  This may take a little extra time.

Breakfast Sandwich (egg, bacon, American cheese)

Lox and Bagel

Eggs Benedict (Sunday Brunch only)

Smoked Turkey panini

Tuscan panini

Roma panini

Veggie panini

Sanctuary Salad with our orange-sesame Sanctuary dressing

Harvest Salad, ask for lemon-juice and olive oil instead of dressing

Gluten-free Desserts:

Fresh Fruit or Fruit Cup (not always available)

Gluten-free & dairy-free Brownies

Flavors:  chocolate, peanut butter

by a Better Choice Bakery, Brunswick, MD

We would appreciate your feedback and suggestions!