Traditional English Afternoon Tea Service


Afternoon Tea Menu at

Beans in the Belfry


Assortment of Tea Sandwiches

 tomato & chives on white bread, minted cucumber on wheat,  carrot-ginger on cinnamon-raisin swirl

 Scones, freshly baked at the Belfry

cranberry, apricot,  wild blueberry, orange, poppy seed, served with jam and clotted cream


shortbread, assortment of English biscuits, cream puffs, Petits Fours, continental confections 

Assortment of Imported Teas properly brewed

served with milk or lemon 

Black Tea (loose):   

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, regular and decaf, Orange Pekoe 

Black Tea Blends (Mighty Leaf):  

Organic Breakfast, Bombay Chai, Earl Grey Decaf, Organic Earl Grey, Orange Dulce, Vanilla Bean, Pear Caramel (loose) 

White Tea and White Tea Blends

Special  Blend (English Teashop), White Orchard (Mighty Leaf) 

Green Tea Blends (Mighty Leaf):

Green Tea Tropical, Mountain Spring Jasmine,  Organic Vibrance/Peppermint (loose) 

Herbal & Fruited Tea Blends (Mighty Leaf):

  Organic Mint Mélange, Rainforest Mate, Ginger Twist, Black Currant (English Teashop), African Nectar 

Red Tea Blends from South Africa (Mighty Leaf):

 Rooibos Renewal (loose), Honeybush Organic (loose) 


Types of Tea for Afternoon Tea at Beans in the Belfry

 The health benefits of tea outweigh those of coffee. Studies show that tea has about half the caffeine of coffee and the antioxidant content of tea helps reduce the incidence of certain diseases. 

Black Teas

Black tea is from China and is the result of a complete oxidation of the leaf before being fired. First the leaf is spread out and left to wilt, losing some moisture, stiffness and much of its weight. Then it is rolled, exposing essential oils to the air and starting the oxidization process. When this is complete the leaf is heated to stop the process, graded for quality and packed. Black teas are full bodied and are able to withstand the addition of sweeteners and milk.

 White Teas

The least processed of all teas, mostly grown in Fujian Province of China.  It is picked when the buds are tightly enclosed in new leaves which have silky white hairs that denote new growth.  White teas are not rolled prior to firing.  After the leaves are dried, white teas are immediately fired. White teas release the least amount of caffeine and have the highest content of antioxidants.

Herbal and Fruit Teas and Tea Blends

Hand-crafted tea blends by Mighty Leaf of California with fresh flavorful herbs, blossoms, spices, and fruits from around the planet that support and complement your healthy lifestyle. Mighty Leaf’s flavored blends provide an extraordinary tea tasting experience. Rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants.  With or without caffeine, in silk pouches for ultimate release of flavor.    

Green Teas

Made with the leaves of Camellia sinensis, this tea comes from China or Japan and undergoes minimal oxidation during processing.  Health benefits as a result of its antioxidant rich EGCGs and catechins include boosting of immune system, weight loss, cholesterol control and more. 

Red Tea from South Africa

It t is brewed from fermented rooibos, an herb hailing from South Africa, that is unrelated to the plant from which traditional teas originate.  Red tea is caffeine-free and is sweeter and less bitter than traditional tea. 

Mighty Leaf teas and some English Teashop teas are available for purchase at Beans in the Belfry in assorted gift boxes