Hot Drinks

Prices are listed in order of Small, Medium, and Large.

Coffee Drinks

Coffee of the day $1.90 $2.20 $2.50
regular or decaf
In house refills are complimentary

Individual French Press Coffee $2.50
Choose from our wide selection of coffees & we will brew your coffee in an individual French Press

Café au lait $2.10 $3.10 $3.80
This traditional French coffee drink is made with equal parts of brewed coffee & steamed milk

Espresso Drinks

Espresso $1.60 $2.05 $2.45

Cafe Americano $1.90 $2.35 $2.75
American drip coffee–Italian style, made from equal portions of espresso & boiling water which results in a stronger version of brewed coffee

Specialty Espresso Beverages

Espresso beverages can be made with any combination of flavors and toppings. We have over 30 flavors in stock and if you don’t see your favorite let us know. We’ll order it & make it part of our collection. For flavored syrup add .30cents. Soy or rice milk is offered as an alternative to the local organic hormone-free milk.  Stevia sweetener is available by request.

Cappuccino $2.60 $3.10 $3.50
Espresso topped with equal parts of foamed and steamed milk.
Add one or more of our 30 flavors-.30c each

  • Suggestions: Crème Caramel Cappuccino, Cappuccino Italiano (Italian amaretto flavor)

Cafe Latte $2.95 3.45 $3.85
One part espresso five parts steamed milk usually topped with foamed milk.
Add one or more of our 30 flavors-.30c each

  • Suggestions: Crème Caramel Latte,Vanilla Bean Latte

Cafe Mocha $3.35 $3.85 $4.25
Espresso, mocha (chocolate syrup) and steamed milk topped with whipped cream
Add one or more of our 30 flavors-.30c each

  • Suggestions: Big Island Mocha (with macadamian nut),  Caramel Mocha (with caramel flavor & caramel swirl),   “Cloud 9” (with white chocolate & chocolate swirl)

Chai Latte

$3.20 $3.70 $4.20
served hot, Raspberry, Vanilla, Low-Carb Vanilla, Spiced, Low-Carb Spiced, or Green Tea, among others

Hot Tea by Mighty Leaf Tea

$2.55, Artisan blended, served in individual tea pot

  • Black teas: Earl Grey, regular, decaf & organic, Organic Breakfast, English Breakfast, Orange Pekoe
  • Tea blends with black, white or green teas, fruits, blossoms, herbs and exotic spices, choose from our large assortment in our tea chest
  • Herbal blends (organic,caffeine-free):chamomile citrus, mint mélange, ginger twist, rainforest, black currant
  • Loose teas: Pear Caramel (black), Vibrance (green); English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Orange Pekoe (black)
  • Red teas from South Africa: (loose) Rooibos Renewal (with Orange peel & flowers), Organic Honeybush

Hot Spiced Apple Cider

$2.80  $3.30 $3.80, served with a cinnamon stick or caramel swirl

Hot Chocolate

$2.70 $3.20 $4.20, Made with hormone free milk & chocolate syrup, topped with whipped cream or marshmallows
Add one of our 30 flavors .30c each

  • Suggestions: Peppermint (with peppermint stick stirrer), Swiss hazelnut, tropical coconut or rum flavors