Sandwiches and Hot Stuff

Soup de Jour

Served with salad greens, freshly baked French bread and butter,

  • Bowl $6.50 Seafood $7.50
  • Cup with house croutons $3.25 Seafood $4.25

Belfry’s Chili

Steaming hot, super satisfying and kept company by field greens, a duo of corn muffins and dollop of sour cream.  $6.75, cover it with cheddar for $.50 extra


a slice of delight and easy on the carbs, served with field greens, warm quarter baguette and butter. $5.25

Selections vary – Ask what is fresh! Lorraine, Spinach, Broccoli, Chevre, South-Western.


  • French Quarter Baguette $6.25
    rows of Brie & tomato slices served on our freshly baked half baguette
  • Bombay Pita $7.00
    white meat chicken salad spiced with Indian Curry, accented with toasted almonds, golden raisins and cilantro, served on warm Pita bread
  • Roma Panini $6.75
    sliced Roma tomatoes, mozzarella with fresh snipped basil, served on crusty Italian country bread, with marinara dipping sauce, hot from our Panini grill
  • Tuscan Panini $6.75
    hard salami, capicolla, peppered ham, layered with provolone cheese, paper-thin red onion, fresh leaf spinach & sliced Roma tomatoes, served on Tuscan farm bread, hot from our Panini grill
  • Smoked Turkey Panini $7.00
    slices of smoked turkey and pepper cheese with honey mustard dressing and cranberry sauce, served on rustic farm bread, hot from our Panini grill
  • Pangaea Panini $7.25
    brie cheese & paper thin prosciutto ham with slices of fresh pear tossed in melba sauce, served on crusty farm bread, hot from our Panini grill
  • Old Berlin $7.00
    alternate layers of Swiss cheese & corned beef, seasoned with Russian dressing & topped with
    sauerkraut, served on rye bread, hot from the grill
  • Veggie Panini $7.00
    hummus, tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh spinach, sliced sweet peppers, whatever is fresh or in season, and Provolone cheese on rustic bread, lightly grilled